Theo, the CEO of the agency L'Union

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Large Community of Entrepreneurs and Independent Professionals

We are the longest running coworking space in Brussels thanks to our excellent community of coworkers. Hard working and helpful people that want to get more out of their working day and enjoy it. Like Theo (they guy in the picture) who is the CEO of L’Union and has been coworking with us since January 2015. 

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Lots of Events for You

Network, learn and promote your knowledge at our events. We organize a ton of non profit and commercial events every month, many of which are exclusive for our members. You can attend conferences, workshops and even lunches without having to go to far away from your desk. As a member you can also organize your events at Betacowork and we will help you with the room and the promotion.  

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Over 100 Positive Reviews

We are the highest rated coworking space in Brussels and probably in the world. Our members love that we work hard to help them thrive and are happy to to what they can to help us too. We have over 100 positive reviews with a perfect 5/5  on Yelp, a 4.9/5 on Facebook and a 4.7/5 on Google. There are a lot of good reasons for this. Comme check us out.  

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Other Great Stuff at Betacowork:

  • Blazing fast internet connection, solid WiFi and a cable in each desk to give you great connectivity.
  • Great public transport connection (metro, tram, bus and train) plus easy access by car. You can even get free parking if you register your company at Betacowork, or for a very monthly cheap fee just for being a member of our community. 
  • Very comfy ergonomic chairs. 
  • Eating area and 3 kitchens available for your use. 
  • More…

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You can find us at Rue de pères blancs 4, 1040 Brussels.